Behind the Scenes: What Happens After a Howzat Appeal in Cricket

After a “Howzat” appeal is made in cricket, several actions take place behind the scenes to determine the outcome of the appeal. The umpire, who is responsible for officiating the match, evaluates the appeal based on the laws of cricket and their observation of the play. If the umpire believes that the batsman is out, they raise their finger to signal the dismissal. However, if the umpire is unsure or disagrees with the appeal, they may declare the batsman not out.

In some cases, particularly contentious appeals, the decision may be referred to the third umpire for review. The third umpire, who has access to television replays and other technology, can provide additional insights to help make an accurate decision. The third umpire reviews the footage and communicates their decision to the on-field umpires via a communication system.

Once a decision is made, the match continues according to the outcome of the appeal. If the batsman is declared out, they must leave the field, and the next batsman in the batting order replaces them. If the batsman is declared not out, they continue batting, and play resumes as usual.

It’s important to note that the decision-making process after a “Howzat” appeal is designed to ensure fairness and accuracy in the game. Umpires strive to make impartial judgments based on the laws of cricket and their interpretation of the play, ultimately upholding the integrity of the sport

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